About me

Tom Mourik
Freelance 2D Animator and designer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands
I live for creativity, both in my work as an animator and designer, as well as in my spare time writing music for my band and practicing photography. This need to create has always been a part of me and has led me to attend the Utrecht School of Arts, from which I graduated as Bachelor of Design in Animation in 2012.

Throughout my 10 year career I’ve worked on a multitude of feature films, series, short films, explanimations* and everything in between. Both as a 2D animator, a character designer, an illustrator and as a supervisor.

If you want to know more about my skills and relevant experience, please download my resume here

Why hire me?

Attention to quality and details
Like any artist I love to make things beautiful. When you get a video made for your company, you want it to look good, communicate that you are a professional and trustworthy company that takes clients seriously. High aesthetic content is a key factor in convincing your clients that you are worth their money. Therefor I strive to deliver the best quality and the best value for money.
Insurance explanimation
Clear Visual Storytelling
I love to think of creative ways to tell your story and to structure difficult matter in an organized way. With clear visual storytelling and structure I will help to get your message across to your clients, partners or employees. Visual support of your story is key in making complex stories clear and easily digestible.
Paniek! Frame Order
Good timing & perfect rhythm
Animation is all about timing, and this is one of the most important factors I take into account when creating an explanimation. The fact that I’m a bass player in a band is perhaps a clue to the importance I give rhythm and timing in general.
Inviting color palettes and designs
Nothing helps to grab the attention in a video more than great colors. Colors play a major role in the emotion of the video. With each assignment I make sure to choose the colors that best suit the vibe and emotion that the video should convey