Whether you’re looking for someone to design or animate part of your production, or whether you are looking for someone to create an animated video from start to finish, I can help you out with both. Because animation and design are always tailor made it’s difficult to put prices on my website, because each project is different.

You can email me for an obligation-free quote at or by going to my contact page

Below you will find the different services I can provide for you

Are you in need of someone that can deliver the whole package? From initial concepts and storyboards, through to character, asset and background design, to finished animation in the proper format?


I can provide:

  • concept and storyboards
  • style designs, character designs, backgrounds
  • 2D Animation (cut-out or frame-by-frame)
  • All assets and backgrounds
  • Basic compositing
  • Editing and final delivery
  • Voice over, sound effects and music via freelancers in my network

In need of only a specific part of the process of animation? Do you need a design for your video, characters, or backgrounds or a set of extra hands to help you animate your video? I can help make your video pop out, give your video a perfect pace and rhythm, and make sure your characters animate in a good way. My animation experience on feature films and series will make sure your animation will move as smooth as silk and will captivate the audience, wether it’s traditional frame-by-frame animation or cut-out.


I can provide:

  • High quality After Effects cut-out animation for explanimations (including rigging the characters)
  • High quality frame-by-frame animation for explanimations and films/series
  • Style Designs
  • Character & Assets Designs

Looking for someone to help animate your feature film, series or short film? I have broad experience working on frame-by-frame drawn ánd cut-out style feature films, series and short films in the Netherlands. During the years I have worked in a lot of different drawing and animation styles, with different complexity of designs and animation. For more info about my relevant experience, please see my resume(link) and portfolio (link).


I can provide:

  • Rough Animation
  • Tie-Down
  • Clean-up
  • Inbetweening

Don’t need moving images but still images? I can help you visualize it in a single image as well. I have experience with digital painting, book covers and logo designs in adobe illustrator.

Visit my illustration portfolio for examples


I can provide:

  • graphic designs
  • illustrations (for books for example)
  • book cover designs
  • logo designs
  • poster designs
  • business card designs

looking for someone with experience to set up your production, supervise your animation team, or make a planning and estimates for your small production? With my broad experience and supervision experience I can help to set up your production so it will run smoothly. I can help pick out the best qualities in people and make sure that your pipeline is setup in both an efficient as well as an artist/worker friendly way. A good start is half the battle!


I can provide:

  • animation advice (how much time will it take, how many artists do you need to make the deadline, is the style doable within the budget?)
  • pipeline plan (coming up with a system for your production to run as smoothly as possible; which departments do you need, who will do what and when)
  • production planning (How long will tasks take and what needs to be finished first?)
  • recruitment (not sure which artists suit your needs? I have experience with picking the right artists for the right job due to my role as supervisor on Undone Season 1 & 2)


Ben VinkenburgNana BoitranRoland Lamers
Tom really helped us bring life to our short film "Tickets Please". With very little oversight I could always be ensured that Tom would finish his work on time and keep me in the loop on the overall progress of the film. Because of this I could focus on other tasks without having to micro-manage the animation process. For any project involving a character driven animation pipe-line I would wholeheartedly recommend Tom to anyone looking for someone to take ownership an responsibility over whatever project you need done.
Artist/ Co-founder at Studio Plumeau
February 23, 2022, Ben managed Tom directly during their short film 'Tickets Please'
Tom is a great person to work with in the team, positive, pay attention to details and always on top of all tasks. Tom has grown into a supportive and great supervisor of the team too in creative and technical. Highly recommend Tom for any 2D/Hybrid animation productions.
Animation Security Operations & Branding Marketing Manager at Submarine
February 24, 2022, Nana managed Tom directly during Undone Season 2
During Amazon’s ‘Undone’ season 1 and 2, I had the pleasure working with Tom as supervisor for the 2D animation department at Submarine. I never experienced such a smooth animation production as the ones under Tom’s supervision. Tom is very clear with his directions and ideas. He has a very balanced view between the production’s need and the artists input within time and budget restrictions. With the best possible finished result in mind. He is the engine that motivates, inspires, moves, corrects and directs the whole team and it’s individual members. I want Tom as my supervisor on any project!
Roland Lamers
Worked directly under Tom as an artist on Undone S1&2